To inspire, equip and empower business women
to be the best they can be.

Grow your business through our ABC

ACHIEVE: Success Mapping

ACHIEVE: verb = successfully reach a desired result.

In our one-on-one ACHIEVE sessions we will work with you to create your very own Success Map or Success System that will take you from where you are now to where you want to be in 12 steps. We tailor ACHIEVE to suit each clients specific needs. We objectively challenge your thinking while encouraging your to achieve everything you dream of.

BUILD: Growth Workshops

Build: verb = Construct something by putting parts together.

Our workshops cover the foundational basics of business. CLARIFY your thinking by setting out a clear plan, your business plan. CONNECT effectively and strategically with your target audience by learning how to use your contact database. SHOUT about your business using social media consistently and effectively. SELL your business in a comfortable and natural way.

CONNECT: Business Events

Connect: verb = Bring together so that a link is established.

We offer three different types of connection opportunities. Our Business Lunches are set in between the school run so that you can enjoy a quality event at a time that is convenient for you. Our Business Socials are random and can range from cocktails to sky diving. The VIP Club is by invitation only, an exclusive network with some of the top women business owners in the UK.

Enjoy the Journey!


"I have been attending the Women's Business Club for support and mentorship with the launch of my product and Natalie has gone above and beyond with time and effort."

- Julie, KIH Products

"Lorah is a committed Local Director who is passionate about helping women grow their business in a supportive and creative environment."

- Hazel, Nuts About Style

"Angela's very clever and got me to 'Think outside the box' and come up with all sorts of different ideas that were really exciting."

- Liz, Chiropractor


Increase your income significantly.

Maximise and enjoy your time.

Get and keep more customers.

Catapult ahead of your competitors.

Find more satisfaction in work and life.

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